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“In the age of the selfie, ‘experience’ boils down to the photographic documenting of a moment in time. How often do we stand in awe before, say, the majesty of the Eiffel Tower? When was the last time we opted to set aside our phones instead of spamming social media to let everyone knows where we were? Not often enough.

Growing up in India, I had the tremendous opportunity to travel across a vast and beautiful country while visiting family, touring the architectural marvels, and even exploring cultural differences across state lines. I was also blessed to have parents who love to travel, and took us along to explore other Asian countries, fly to Australia and America, and eventually settle in California. With minimal technological distractions, I fell in love with travel and exploration. Whether it meant taking a long drive without directions, or jumping on a flight to Bali and arriving at the airport without a place to stay or any idea of what to expect, I’ve always chosen adventure over repetition and comfort.

This is also the biggest reason why my photography career has allowed me the opportunity to travel the world once more–from a large wedding in the beautiful nation of Singapore to an elopement 10,000 feet above sea level on Maui. I’ve never shied away from inopportune weather or last-minute bookings, always being prepared to capture the perfect shot at the right moment. I rely on natural and available light as much as I can, but feel equally at home working with nuanced studio lighting. I always keep my passport up-to-date, and travel regularly for work.

If you genuinely desire experiencing all that your wedding day will bring about–be it an elopement, an adventure, or a formal affair–stop thinking about the perfect selfie and take a look at my photography services and learn about the personalized approach I take with each couple. If you have any questions or would like to book me, call me at 949-922-8426 or fill out this contact form. I look forward to meeting you soon!”

Sincerely, Arpit Mehta.

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